Traditional Painting:  Acrylics, Newsprint    

Sketches:  Ink, Graphite, and Digital

Digital Painting:  From Life and Concept  

Kate Orr

“AfterLife”  - Photoshop          Scene painted from live setting, subject from photograph  

“Candy Store”  - Photoshop   

“Station”  - Photoshop   

“Buoy”  -  Illustrator   

“Carnival”  - Photoshop   

“Malibu Lagoon”  - Photoshop   Scene painted from live subject

“Persephone” - Acrylics, Bristol   

“Bottled Sun” - Newsprint  

“Change  - Acrylics, Illustrator Board   

2D Art

“Steampunk Rainbow Brite”  -  Photoshop

“Athena”  -  Character Scale  -  Photoshop  

Anatomy and character sketches from live models

“Sentrees”  - Photoshop   

Scene painted from live subject

Commissioned Artwork for Label Designs:

Modern Art Nouveau

Anhalt University, Germany