Kate Orr 3D Art

C.  The Diffuse map is painted from the AO.  

D.  A second normal map is baked from the diffuse, and a basic specular map built from the diffuse

A.  Model a square area with reusable geometry based on the scene.  

In this case, different types of pipe, cables and metallic surfaces were modeled in 3ds Max.

B.  Normals and ambient occlusion were baked onto a plane of the same size as the square.    

SciFi Hallway

Based on concept art from Natural Selection II

Modular Modeling Process:  Textures First   



The texture maps are combined in the material editor


Geometry is built in simple shapes, with textures assigned in the unwrapping process.






Rock Temple Scene

Modular Modeling Process:  Reusable Assets  

4 Different Assets were built to be used in interchangeable positions.  

High Poly Build and Paint in ZBrush

Low Poly build in 3ds Max   

Rendered in Unreal Engine

Same pieces, different scene

Each Scene is modeled and textured using a different process.  

Programs used:  3ds Max, Maya, ZBrush, Photoshop, xNormal, Unreal Engine

The beast created in this project was based off of a combination of several different animals.

The idea was to create something unique and fantastic out of many common and real sources.  

Maya, ZBrush